Welcome to the New Earth!

A new day is dawning.  One where people on Mother Earth will delight in serving others.  There is much to be done, both locally and globally.  Many will create new Humanitarian Projects to assist either people, places or subjects that they are passionate about.  Others will have funds to share and will be looking for projects that they wish to support!  Still other people wish to serve by working or volunteering for causes that they feel strongly about.  Where to go to find this information?  The NEW EARTH PROJECTS NETWORK will provide information on all existing and newly created Humanitarian Projects and Jobs & Volunteer opportunities.

The Mission of the NEW EARTH PROJECTS NETWORK is “To promote networking opportunities among Lightworkers who are committed to Humanitarian efforts on Mother Earth.”   Namaste.


“Eye of the Storm”

Hurricane Irma radar hits Caribbean 9617_1504692432523_10553830_ver1.0_1280_720

As I write this, a hurricane they call “Irma” is churning her way through Florida.  She has already brought destruction to many helpless tiny islands in the Carribbean such as Barbuda and St. Martin.  And, as they strive to recover from Irma, Jose is coming up right behind her! Lightworkers have been praying, mediating and sending love to Irma in an effort to calm her wrath for over a week now.  She did take a westerly turn up Florida instead of running straight up the middle of the state.  We acknowledge this miracle.

An 8.2 earthquake hit Mexico late last week, killing at least 58 people.  It is said to be the strongest quake there in a century.

Last week hurricane Harvey hit Texas and was immediately downgraded to a tropical storm; but continued to dump over 50″ of rain on Houston and surrounding areas.  Many thousands of people are still living in shelters as their homes are ruined from the flood waters.  Rescue Teams and volunteers from all over the U.S. took off for Texas to help those in need.

Wild fires have been burning out of control in the western states of the U.S. for weeks now.  I don’t know how many or how many states, but both animals and people are affected. The smoke blows across state lines and into the lungs of those far, far away.  Firefighters risk their lives to put out these fires while people lose their homes.

Thousands of people in India and Bangladesh have perished from their monsoon rains and terrible flooding which has literally washed away villages.  Homeless, hungry and thirsty,  they await assistance.  Where to go?  Where to rebuild?  How?

It is very difficult to see others suffering while wanting more than anything to help.  My heart aches for those who have lost love ones and their own homes.  We must provide shelter, food and clean water for all of them, worldwide!!  And that is just the bare bones necessity!  We will continue to provide for all their needs including, schools, free healthcare and a way and means for them to sustain their own living–to thrive!

For the moment we must be the calm in the eye of the storm.  We shine our lights and blast our love to be Light Bearers during this time of chaos.  To be a beacon to those in the darkness.  We will continue to meditate and pray for all those affected by these devastating events.

Lightworkers, please join your hearts, minds and energy together and focus on connecting with Mother & Father God, Gaia and all her Kingdoms, the Company of Heaven (including all Angels & Ascended Masters & our families who have passed over) and our Galactic Families.

As Lightworkers, LoveHolders, RainbowWarriors, WayShowers and LightBearers, we ask you all for your assistance, for the most benevolent outcome for everyone on Gaia at this time.  We ask for the means to help all our Brothers and Sisters for their highest good.  We ask for assistance in quieting the storms and pouring rain down on the wild fires; and for providing everything our human family needs to get back on their feet again and to thrive.  Namaste.  So be it.  It is done with gratitude and unconditional love.

Love & Light, Diana Brower     https://newearthprojectsnetwork.org/



Monarch Sat. August 5 2017-resized
This gorgeous Monarch allowed me to take it’s photo this morning on my walk.  I probably took about 100 pictures of it; it was just stunning!  When it was done with the flower, it few a circle around me then flew off.  I was crying tears of joy.  So full of love and gratitude!

Greetings, dear family!  I wanted to connect with you tonight to share my thoughts and feelings regarding what we have endured together.  The trials and tribulations of our journey through this testing process have not been in vain. The waiting and repeated disappointments have tempered the steel of our convictions to be strong and yet pliable for the next adventure.  We traversed this process with strength and courage and have been assisted from the Higher realms as well.

We may not have felt worthy at times and many of us still do not.  But we were indeed chosen to experience this great shift and we made the decision to participate also.  It was not a decision that we made lightly.  It was pre-planned and contemplated before we even came back to Earth this time around. We all chose to be here for this grand moment!  Many, many other Souls wished to be here too but we were specifically chosen after volunteering for this mission.  

We do not take this mission lightly.  For we have all battled countless lifetimes of hatred and fear to get here now.  The experiences we’ve had along the way were preparing us all for what lies ahead. We will be strong, kind, compassionate and full of love.  We will share our gifts with the utmost care and consideration.  We are of the Earth and come up from the ranks of those who have experienced lack ourselves.  This experience will help us to eradicate the lack with a swift motion, a flick of our swords. Soon after, we will then be able to lay down our swords and let them rest.

For the time is now that we are to step into our new mission and start our lives from scratch.  We have been hold up in our cocoons for years now.  Gathering our strength and recreating our bodies, minds and spirits.  It is time for us to break out of our cocoons and breathe new life into the New Earth.  We indeed are the meek of the Earth but we are also mighty.  We use our Mighty I Am Presence to connect with our Creator, Mother and Father God; the Company of Heaven, Our Galactic families, Gaia and all her Kingdoms and all other Lightworkers and Starseeds. Together, we can do anything!

Our Soul Sparks are here too.  All those lives and times we experienced are here now, connected to us. We claim our wisdom and talents from all the lives we have lived.  Past, present and future time doesn’t exist.  We are all connected in the NOW.  NOW is the time for us to manifest this New Earth.  Together. Let’s bust out of our cocoons and spread our wings.  Allow them to drip dry and then take off together. Shall we?  Will you join me?  

You are my brothers and sisters and I am honored to be here, standing tall with all of you.  When I look out over our gorgeous home of Gaia, I see your lights shining brightly.  Yes, we have been keeping them dim as we struggled through these changes.  But now, let’s step out and blast our love and light for everyone to see.  

We will gather together in the future, make no mistake!  There will be grand events worldwide where we can share love, hugs and talk about our projects.  We will discuss what we are creating in the New Earth.  And in so sharing, we will continue to inspire others to listen to their hearts. Then, we will bless them with our gifts and nurture their creative spirits so they may bless others.

Our metamorphosis is now complete! It’s time for our new lives to begin. Are you ready? Don’t worry, we’re in this together and we are supported and loved more than we can comprehend. I’m honored to be here with you, dear brothers and sisters of the light! Namaste!

With Love & Light,

Dancing Dolphin Diana



Thank you to everyone who has visited our website in the last 24 hours!  I am thrilled at the positive response from Lightworkers all over the world!

The Business Plan is written and I’m awaiting quotes from a few website designers who can create and maintain the massive database that is needed to house all the Humanitarian Projects that you all are busy creating! I’m doing everything I can pre-RV so that as soon as I receive my blessing, NEPN can be up and running shortly afterwards.

Please note that this blog format will change once the ‘real’ website goes live.  So if you’d like to stay connected, please bookmark  http://www.NewEarthProjectsNetwork.org and/or write me a quick note through the “Contact & Sign Up” page to be put on our email list.

Thanks again, Brothers and Sisters!

In Love & Light, Diana