Welcome to the New Earth!

A new day is dawning.  One where people on Mother Earth will delight in serving others.  There is much to be done, both locally and globally.  Many will create new Humanitarian Projects to assist either people, places or subjects that they are passionate about.  Others will have funds to share and will be looking for projects that they wish to support!  Still other people wish to serve by working or volunteering for causes that they feel strongly about.  Where to go to find this information?  The NEW EARTH PROJECTS NETWORK will provide information on all existing and newly created Humanitarian Projects and Jobs & Volunteer opportunities.

The Mission of the NEW EARTH PROJECTS NETWORK is “To promote networking opportunities among Lightworkers who are committed to Humanitarian efforts on Mother Earth.”   Namaste.



Thank you to everyone who has visited our website in the last 24 hours!  I am thrilled at the positive response from Lightworkers all over the world!

The Business Plan is written and I’m awaiting quotes from a few website designers who can create and maintain the massive database that is needed to house all the Humanitarian Projects that you all are busy creating! I’m doing everything I can pre-RV so that as soon as I receive my blessing, NEPN can be up and running shortly afterwards.

Please note that this blog format will change once the ‘real’ website goes live.  So if you’d like to stay connected, please bookmark  http://www.NewEarthProjectsNetwork.org and/or write me a quick note through the “Contact & Sign Up” page to be put on our email list.

Thanks again, Brothers and Sisters!

In Love & Light, Diana