Welcome to the New Earth!

A new day is dawning.  One where people on Mother Earth will delight in serving others.  There is much to be done, both locally and globally.  Many will create new Humanitarian Projects to assist either people, places or subjects that they are passionate about.  Others will have funds to share and will be looking for projects that they wish to support!  Still other people wish to serve by working or volunteering for causes that they feel strongly about.  Where to go to find this information?  The NEW EARTH PROJECTS NETWORK will provide information on all existing and newly created Humanitarian Projects and Jobs & Volunteer opportunities.

The Mission of the NEW EARTH PROJECTS NETWORK is “To promote networking opportunities among Lightworkers who are committed to Humanitarian efforts on Mother Earth.”   Namaste.


16 thoughts on “Welcome to the New Earth!

  1. Hello!
    I saw your post & site on Dinar Chronicles.
    I am very interested in your site and like many on DC, have quite a list of humanitarian projects.
    Looking forward to seeing your site fully functional!
    We all have quite the task ahead & I am ready to start.


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    1. Hi, John! Yes, I’m planning to have worldwide involvement! I’m in the US. Regarding security for donation money, the NEPN will NOT be collecting and distributing monies. We will be serving as an information portal. Contributors will send their money directly to the Humanitarian Projects. Cheers!


    1. Hello, Ron! Yes, that is an awesome idea! This ‘wordpress’ site is just a temporary place-holder until I can hire a professional to do my real one. I’ll see if I can figure out how to have people sign up for updates. Thanks so much! Diana


  2. This is wonderful and I look forward to working with others in moving forward with our projects.
    Thank you for your getting a platform ready for our rockets (projects).

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  3. This site would be a kind of bank of ideas, projects, suggestions to help humanity and Mother Earth. A big hug to all sisters and brothers Lightworkers of the world!!

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      1. Love the idea and I am so sorry about Buddy! This was Gods way of filling the void that Buddy had left in your life. I love my dogs and could feel the love of your Buddy!! Good luck and I will keep the network in mind to help with some of the project you list. My name is Ginger Snyder and I am Reallucky1. Thanks for sharing your great story!

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