Diana Brower July 22 2017 (2)Welcome!  My name is Diana Brower and I am from Ohio, USA.  Typically, I do not like to be in the spotlight.  I’m much more comfortable in the background. But at this critical time I feel it is important to step into the Light!  My professional background is in Marketing & Communications.  My artistic experience is in the ceramic arts.  My spiritual destiny is a Lightworker and specifically, a Light Bearer.  I enjoy shining my light on good things, good works and good people.  This is why the inspiration for creating New Earth Projects Network is so perfect!  It IS me and I’ve been preparing my whole life for it.  I am very grateful for this inspiration and my life.

The New Earth Projects Network is still in the manifesting stage.  I am visualizing it up and running!  In the meantime, please continue to Shine Your Light!

Diana Brower, Chief Creative Officer  3-20-17  a.k.a. “Dancing Dolphin”